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Cat`s claw or uña de gato, amazon bark, traditional uses

Cat`s claw or uña de gato, amazon bark, traditional uses

Scientific name: Uncaria guianensis (Aubl.) or Uncaria tomentosa (Wild) DC
BotanicalFamily: Rubiaceae

Both species are similar in many respects, both are climbing shrubs, thick woody stems with massive thorns, sturdy and U shaped, (guianensis) and straight in the case of. (tomentosa).
Measuring up to 20 meters tall. Presenting whole leaves of 9-17 cm yellowish green on top and pale green on the underside, with fine characteristic hairs

As an aphrodisiac, tonsillitis, contraception, anti-dysentery, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, anti-viral, in arthritis, asthma, and healing of gastric ulcers, for cirrhosis, as a cleanser, in diabetes, diuretic in diseases of the skin against stomatitis, gastritis, against STIs (gonorrhea), vaginal inflammation (decreases) as immune modulator, for snakebites, for prostatitis, for strengthening the immune system, rheumatism and tumors.

  • As anti-inflammatory

Traditional Use: To counter inflammation, thus reducing swelling and redness in the affected area.
Preparation: Boil two tablespoons of chopped bark from the cat's claw, add to a half litre of water.
Administration: Oral.                                                                                             Dosage: Take three prepared cups daily, before meals, for two consecutive months.         Recommendations: to be prepared and consumed within 24 hours of preparation.          Diet: Keep still, avoiding any type of physical exertion. Don’t drink liquor.

  • For arthritis and rheumatism

Traditional Uses: Relieves pain, swelling, stiffness and heats the joints and reduces pain and inflammation in muscles and tendons.
Preparation: Place one litre of water in a pot and add 200 grams of dried, cleaned and chopped bark, cut into small pieces and boil for a few minutes, until it has the coloration of tea, cool and strain.
Administration: Oral.                                                                                               Dose: The first day, one cup (about 200 milliliters).The second day, one cup in the morning and one in the evening.The third day, drink a cup in the morning, and the afternoon and also the evening, do this for fifteen consecutive days until the  alleviation of the symptoms. Diets: Keep still during treatment, rest, avoid bathing in the river; don’t get wet with rain water; no physical effort. Avoid fermented foods, liquor, pepper and butter. Recommendations: The preparation and use are daily.

  •  As an immune modulator

Traditional use: It prevents the development of cancer cells.
Preparation: Boil two tablespoons of shredded bark in a half litre of water.
Administration: Oral.
Dosage: Take three cups of prepared daily before meals for three months.
Diet: Avoid eating grilled sausages and grilled meats as they contain substances that may be carcinogenic.
Recommendations: Increase consumption of fruits and vegetables. It is prepared and used within 24 hours.

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